Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Sometimes, it’s ok not to be strong enough;

And feel vulnerable to every misery

Indisposed to fears;

Ascend towards deciphering our inner selves  

Sometimes, it’s ok to cry and shed tears;

Feel naïve and sorry

It would churn the twinge inside out;

Remnant would be less jittery

Sometimes, it’s ok to walk alone;

Love our own self explicitly

Consider outstanding

And be benevolent to the gracious “I” 

Sometimes, it’s ok not to be at the receiving end;

That doesn’t mean we cease to give

Bequeath; Abundantly and Selflessly,

Contentment received at the end is priceless

Sometimes, it’s ok to let go;

Of the people who were never meant to be,

Of the place we never belonged to, and

Of things that remind of relentless sufferings

Sometimes, it’s ok to stick around for a little more time;

Even when we are unsure of the final decisions,

And insecure about the same

Convincing; Endings to be better than the transit itself

It’s Ok. Sometimes.

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  1. Sometimes it's ok to do things without caring too much. Lovely poem.

  2. Some times, it is Ok to be ourselves;
    As acting is tiring and draining,
    And there is no joy playing someone,
    We are happy with what we are.

    Sometimes, it is Ok to be content.
    If not always, at least sometimes.

    1. True that. Sometimes it is Ok to be ourselves... Loved it Anand. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Sreedhar Ji. Glad you liked it. :)

  4. Sometimes it's okay
    To be the bones of black sticks
    Left when the fire has gone out.

    Maybe, someone has written
    Something new
    In the ashes of your life.