Thursday, 18 June 2015

The 3 Day Challenge- Day #3- Tagore

“The small wisdom is like water in a glass;
Clear, transparent, pure.
The great wisdom is like the water in the sea;
Dark, mysterious, impenetrable.”

-- Rabindranath Tagore --

A simple and transparent quote by Tagore. Water used as the perfect metaphor for wisdom.

I would not elaborate much on this since in my opinion, one should sit back and just feel the lucidity of the verses.

Today is Day 3 of the challenge. I have been nominated for the 3 days quote challenge by my dear friend Somali who blogs on Scribble and Scrawl.

I absolutely enjoyed taking up the challenge and hope I have been able to keep up. 

Thanking Somali once again, I restate the rules.

The rules of the challenge follow

  1. Post a favorite quote of yours for 3 consecutive days, obviously a different quote each day from any book, any author of your choice. It could also be your own quote.
  2. Nominate 3 bloggers with each post to challenge them.
  3. Thank the person who nominated you.

My nominees are:

I by Amrita Sabat

Elixir Of Knowledge by Rajkumar R

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  1. Love this one... :-) deep and profound...

  2. quite deep. thanks for sharing :)

  3. Water used as a metaphor for wisdom in two different perspectives in lucid verses as these is simply beautiful. Enjoyed reading your quotes Dipanwita.